Not So Filthy Noir

I'm starting this blog to show the immense attraction I have for black women.

This is a metaphoric "FUCK YOU" to all those who say black people, especially black women cant be sexy. I'm here to prove otherwise.

After I've proven you wrong, or just confirmed to you that black is sexy, I want you all to masturbate profusely to my blog. Not because black women are sluts, because they're not, but because you're immensely turned on.

Ladies, I hope you submit.
Lets be not so filthy together





My little tutu photoshoot🐰

I don’t get this mixing porn with child-like whimsical stuff. You can get that same tutu at justice. A clothing store for little girls. I go there all the time with my little sister. Then she has a binky in her mouth? Wtf. I don’t get how this is sexy. This is so twisted to me and sick. Sorry. But I had to say it. Can we let juvenile and child-like things keep their connotation with out tainting it please?

100% agreed. ^ It’s just as bad as those little girl categories on porn. More fuel for pedos.

how about y’all keep your rude comments to yourself? I’m of age so def not fuel for pedos. I’ve also worn that tutu, those ears, and a paci to plenty of raves along with other people too. just because justice sells tutus doesn’t mean I gotta be a certain age to wear one. plus, I look damn cute☺️